I created this page because every once in a while teachers find things that they couldn't teach without. I figured I would feature a page of the teaching tools that I simply love. Likewise, I will definitely let you know about those purchases that were mistakes that I definitely wouldn't want someone else to make.

Lakeshore Giant Classroom Timer

So I hated spending the money on this timer, but I absolutely love it and would definitely do it again. Could I use an online timer? Yes. But, if I don't have my projector on and am not logged into my computer, that takes about 3 minutes to get up and running. Not practical. To have smooth transitions, you just need something manual you can go up to and quickly set. It's a big timer and can be seen by all in the classroom and so when I say, "You have two minutes to put away all of your Science materials and have Math items on your desk", the timer is there showing the students how they are doing. When I tell groups they have 3 minutes for a problem-solving drill...this timer is perfect. Love that it's magnetic and it lives on my front board. Would have been 5 stars, but the price and shipping was too high.


A New Way of Learning and Being Together

Started reading this book and working on the techniques mid-year this past school year. Wish I had started right from day one, which is what I will definitely be doing for my next school year. Love the way the book is organized and how this can be used as a classroom management technique on its own or in conjunction with something you're already using. Definitely search for a used one...I have seen those for under $10.