Kim Garafano

Teaching is the best job you'll ever have that is stressful, thankless, never-ending, tear-inducing and just plain old exhausting. I come home every day with amazing, mind-boggling, funny, frustrating, and horrible stories for my wife, and I just knew that some day I would have to turn it all into some stress-relieving blogging.

I have been teaching since the late that sounds soooo long!!! I have taught as a classroom teacher, worked as an Instructional Coach, taught technology, specialized in Math, and worked as a reading specialist. Whew! I have my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Elementary Education and my Master's Degree in Reading K-12. I have spent almost my entire career working in an inner city school system with over 90% free/reduced lunch...I have some serious first-hand experience understanding the challenges and struggles that teachers face every day.

Anyone in education can't make this stuff up. Every day in school is an endless blog just waiting to happen. And so here I go...

Teacher shot...with actual makeup on! It was a good day.
farmers market
Farmers' Market with my wife (I'm on the right). Crazy hair...that's the way I roll on the weekends!!!
Camping...gotta get away from it all every month or so. Not the most glamorous picture, but hey...we were roughing it with our RV!